The Importance of Posture When You Sing

One aspect to improving your vocal capabilities is in ensuring you have the right posture when you sing. Here's how and why that is important in generating a smooth, tuneful voice that is in tune and well controlled for a better performance.

After all, it is the quality of your delivery and your vocal performance that will stay in the minds of your audience. But fort of all, let's look at just what this physical pose aspect of singing is and why you need to make sure you have it right.

The Way You Hold Yourself

What is posture anyway and how does it affect the way you sing? It is the way you hold your body in an upright manner--with a straight back with no hunching over and head jutting out forward.

Fine posture means you have an edge with your speaking and singing voice. When you have an upright spine, you look taller and more confident in whatever you do whether you sing or not.

Learning how to hold the correct stance is very important for most beginning singers. When you sing, people notice how you hold yourself and how you maintain eye contact with the audience. The better the attitude is, the more self-assured and professional the singer appears to the audience.

If you don't hold your body correctly, your singing voice will not sound the best. The reason is that your abdominal cage area will be tightly compacted where you will not be able to inhale or exhale as well as you would if you held your body core upright.

Hang Loose

It is important not to hold yourself stiffly with locked knees---that has the look of a very nervous beginner. It could even lead to fainting because the breath could be blocked resulting in tension in the pelvis.

Your voice will sound thin and not professional. Instead, hold your body in a relaxed posture like you are really ready to sing, with one foot slightly forward than the other.

Remember that with the correct body posture gives you the look of a competent professional and it will increase the volume of your voice as you sing. It is something you can learn how to do and train yourself to be constantly aware of holding your spine upright.

You can learn to stand with good bearing with a professional vocal teacher or with one of the online singing courses that are available on the Internet. Either method you choose, you must be aware of the significance of the role of correct posture when you sing.

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