Can You Really Teach Yourself How to Sing?

Is it really possible to teach yourself how to sing? Well, yes and maybe! It depends on how determined and dedicated you are to put in the work to make it happen for you.

If this is something you really want to do and you are ready to get started, here are a few questions you should ask yourself just to make sure you really are ready:

Be Honest With Yourself

Ask your self these questions and be honest in your answers to see if you can make the grade and achieve what you want:

  1. Are you willing to take the time out in your busy schedule and frantic life to make the time to carry out your dream?
  2. Are you willing to set goals in some steps that will eventually show up with big results?
  3. Do you have natural talent or do you realize that although you have a good voice, you need the help of a professional?
  4. Can you do it on your own with the help of a thorough online singing course that covers everything you want to know about singing from the basics to the advanced level?

These are all questions you must answer yourself truthfully. Then, decide how you are going to sing the right way.

Is Professional Tuition Necessary?

Just to ram it all home, here is another rather important question you will probably want to ask yourself:

Do you feel you need a teacher with experience to show you how to develop your voice into a good singer's voice?

Don't forget that to be a fine singer you need to be aware of:

You can do it on your own with an online course and by recording yourself. There is a software program called Sing and See software that you install on your computer. It will help you work on your voice: the pitch, intonation, vocal strength and quality of timbre. Take a look at the how to sing video below:

Make a Plan

You would be able to view an analysis of all these factors in real time online with a visual display that will tell you exactly what you need to improve. This is a great software tool for both self-taught singers, traditional singing students and vocal teachers to use in conjunction with their teaching in their studios.

Can you become a singer? Yes, you can. Set some goals for yourself and decide to make time in a setting up a plan to get it done. You will have to work hard but the rewards will be great.

Whether you want to sing for personal enjoyment, for your place of worship or professionally, it will be worth once you see some results and improvement. Add to that the joy of being able to sing well and confidently and you have yourself a goal that is really worth aiming at and achieving.

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