Looking After Your Vocal Health

One of the most important things a singer needs to do is to ensure their vocal health is maintained in good condition through looking after it with correct exercise, regular practice and never straining or over-using it unnecessarily. If singing is your livelihood, your ability to maintain your income depends on keeping your voice working and in tip top condition at all times.

Beware the Dangers

What is one of the worst things that could happen to a vocalist? You guessed it! It's a toss up between every singer's nightmare of getting a sore throat, having a hoarse voice, or coming down with laryngitis.

There are many things that can upset the delicate balance of the body's vocal system and processes. So it pays to be good to yourself and do whatever you can to minimize the risks that certain actions can invoke to undermine the good health of your precious singing equipment.

Smoking Kills Voices

Absolutely the worst habit a singer can have is to smoke, as cigarette smoke is the arch enemy of a good singing voice. If you want to be a consistently good singer in the long term without unnecessary vocal problems, quit smoking now!

This is so you can avoid a host of physical as well as medical respiratory problems, such as:

That is just to name a few of the many problems that can be brought about by the evil weed, tobacco!

Be Kind to your Voice

Stay in healthy environments which are comfortable and beneficial for your vocal cords such as those with humidity and clean air. Avoid smoke filled environments that contains a lot of second hand smoke, which is detrimental to your health whether you're a singer or not.

Air conditioned rooms often irritate the lungs, and dry out your voice. And of course crowded areas such as the doctor's waiting room or subway platforms in the winter are full of sick people with colds and the flu.

Keep yourself hydrated with water and stay away from milk as it produces phlegm which irritates the lung and throat. You don't want to cough when your singing while you have phlegm irritating the lungs, do you?

Are You Eating Right?

What about diet? It is important to stay away from milk or lactose based products, alcohol, spicy foods, rich and heavy food when you are going to sing either for a performance or practice. You want to sing your best without any interruptions.

You often hear that a singer should use a cough drop or lozenge to soothe the sore throat. But these can actually be detrimental to your as they can irritate or hurt your throat. This is because they contain menthol which can dehydrate the mucous membranes in your throat and larynx. This can make the vocal folds more susceptible to possible infection.

Make the health of your voice the first priority as a singer. That's because without a well-cared for voice, your ability as a singer will suffer. Take care of your most precious commodity and you will be at your best always.

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