Why Singers Use Vocal Exercises

Keeping your singing voice in excellent condition as a signer should be your highest priority to ensure you maintain perfect pitch, intonation and range, while your performances are always smooth, enjoyable and professional. Just like exercising to keep your physical body in good shape, you need to continue your vocal exercises daily to keep your voice in good health.

Vocal exercise is a general term which covers vowel sounds, to arpeggios, scales in different keys and breathing disciplines. If you want to be a good singer, keeping your voice in great condition is the top priority and you achieve that through regular exercising during daily vocal practice.

Practice Every Day

If you're self conscious and worry that you might be overheard when you practice, try exercising your voice when no one else is around or can hear you! Be aware that learning the proper breathing techniques while you sing is just as important as vocal exercises and these are something you need to do every day.

While you sing, you should inhale as deeply and slowly as you can, then do the same thing when you exhale. Do these exercises a few times before you sing, but also try them during the day when you're not singing.

Professionals Warm Up First

Almost all professional singers practice vocal warm up exercises before they begin a performance. The hallmark of a good singer is one the practices voice and breathing exercises together on a daily basis.

The exercises give a firm foundation for the singer's vocal technique and ability. They are something every professional will do routinely, which keeps them in top condition.

They are designed to prevent your vocal chords from harm as someone who has to warm up in the gym before starting a rigorous workout. A singer, no matter what their level of expertise or skill should always warm up their voice prior to a practice or especially a performance.

Sample Exercises

There are many samples of free vocal exercises that are available online. It is possible to take voice lessons from a teacher, or you can buy a step-by-step Internet course that will teach you how to build a firm foundation as a singer. Such a course, if it's good, will include many vocal and breathing exercises for you to use.

There's also software available that will provide you with a visual display on your home computer, laptop or tablet which will feature your pitch, loudness, and quality of voice. At the end of the day, it's up to you to spend the time and the energy to help you become the singer you want to be.

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